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05 MMS

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) All answers
MMS is a standard related to the delivery of multimedia messages (picture, audio, video, rich text) between mobile phones. From a user’s point of view it works in the same way as SMS. MMS supports two delivery modes – immediate delivery and deferred delivery. In the deferred delivery mode you will receive an SMS message immediately to indicate that you have been sent a multimedia message. This service supports the delivery of the MMS to e-mail as well. An MMS message is carried over GPRS or WLAN connections.

Attractive features for student↔student communication. Can be used also to deliver Slide Show Presentations.

Even more expensive than SMS in university→student communication.

MMS as a Facilitator for mLearning
The potential to use MMS was evaluated in the ViCaDiS Project as follows:

  1. Person to person MMS with Rich Content
  2. Mobile Slide Shows
  3. User Generated Content from Device to Device
  4. Mobile Blogging
  5. Dual Device Option: Mobile Devices and/or email


The potential and probability of use is on reasonable high level in question 5 and in other questions on moderate level.

Lets spread the results in a normalised diagram (description) to see how answers are related to each others.


All the aspects are relevant. The first development activities should concentrate on:

  • Dual Device Option: Mobile Devices and/or email

Commenting/Discussion subjects

  • What kind of Open Source or cost effective MMS solutions are available?
  • Do you have positive/negative experiences related to educational use of MMS?
  • How would you develop educational use of MMS on a very limited budged? Can you name actionable first steps for development?
  • What are the implications for ViCaDiS Work Packages?

Go to: ViCaDiSmTechnologyQuestionnaire SMSMMS WAPDRM PoCVoIPNFCGPS/AGPS
Participate discussions and commenting at the end of this page!

The ViCaDiS Project has been funded by Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 – 2013 and by 10 partners in 6 countries.


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  1. Additional info:
    – Mbuni: Open Source MMS Gateway:

    Comment by Diana Bodnarescu — Friday, March 21, 2008 @ 1:16 am | Reply

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