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By using the ZEF Method we have created normalized diagrams of what is the potential and probability to use of mobile technologies in learning and teaching. The first implementation steps in the ViCaDiS Project should concentrate on questions which have achieved top scores in the top-right quarter of the normalized diagrams. Let’s have a look at those diagrams:

SMS_NSMS Short Message Service

  • 4 Rich Content Download Services

MMS_NMMS – Multimedia Messaging Service

  • 5 Dual Device Option: Mobile Devices and/or email


WAP 2.0 – Wireless Application Protocol

  • 2 Secure Login to Web Pages, Learning Environments and
    Social Web Services
  • 1 Web browsing with Mobile Devices
  • 3 Web Based Calendar and Calendar Activities
  • 5 Timed Messages from Calendar Activities
PoC – Push to Talk over Cellular

  • 2 Immediate Sharing of Documents

VoIP_NVoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

  • 1 Audio and Video Communication and conferences with Mobile Devices

And here you have Results of the Most Important Groups. Notice the urgend need for communication between Teachers with eLearning Experience and IT-specialists in the potential of WAP 2.0 technology.


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