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This site supports the implementation process of mobile features in to learning and teaching. The site has been developed to support a questionnaire related to ViCaDiS Project.

In ViCaDiS (Virtual Campus for Digital Students) a wide range of ODL actors from EU and CEE countries will focus on developing an innovative approach for enhancing international eLearning by moving the strength from the institutional learning environment to the personal learning environment (PLE) which focuses on students. It will also produce an instructional or pedagogical shift inside universities eLearning moving the focus from the education materials and technology to the user-student, to user generated content. The main objective is to build a virtual campus for digital students aimed at providing open educational resources and tools available and accessible for all students and to ensure the interoperability between the different eLearning environments used in the partner universities.
The goal of ViCaDiS is to create an attractive environment for all students within the Member States, using already existing tools which will be enhanced with new tools wanted by the new generation of students. An innovative multilingual ICT-based environment unique in Europe (as an international virtual campus), it will incorporate several open educational resources (library, glossary, external links, student projects, course activities), open educational tools (wiki, blog, forum, calendar, podcasting, instant messaging communication, audio-video conferencing over IP, RSS, mobile text messaging, mobile accessibility to ViCaDiS) and will promote social networking as an instructional method.

The project workpackages are:

  • WP1 Developing and testing of the ViCaDiS scenario
  • WP2 ViCaDiS tools design and implementation
  • WP3 Piloting/testing and evaluation of ViCaDiS
  • WP4 Evaluation and elaboration of the Set of Guidelines
  • WP5 Exploitation of ViCaDiS
  • WP6 Dissemination and Awareness raising of ViCaDiS
  • WP7 Project management of ViCaDiS

The main outcomes of the project are:

  • Open personal learning environment methodology
  • ViCaDiS scenarios
  • ViCaDiS multilingual virtual campus: online environment and mobile environment based on Open Educational Resources
  • Multilingual web portal
  • Multilingual Set of Guidelines (on paper, CD and online)
  • ViCaDiS evaluation
  • Promotional and multiplication materials

This blog belongs to WP2 where ViCaDiS aims to implement and design new tools for mobile learning (WP2/PREP3). This subtask is supervised by Oulu University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering.
Go to: ViCaDiS mTechnologyQuestionnaire SMSMMSWAPDRM PoCVoIPNFCGPS/AGPS
Participate discussions and commenting at the end of this page!

The ViCaDiS Project has been funded by Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 – 2013 and by 10 partners in 6 countries.


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